US Courthouse

Seattle, WA

The U.S. Courthouse in Seattle has a commanding presence in the downtown area, occupying over two acres on a full city block. Components of the building include three main areas: the courtroom tower, judicial chambers and office bar. Rising 390 feet into the Seattle skyline, the courthouse contains 18 courtrooms and 22 judicial chambers on 23 floors. In addition, it includes federal administrative facilities such as the United States Attorney office; District and Bankruptcy courts; U.S. Marshal, Trustee, Probation and Pretrial Services offices, as well as a law library occupy the building. The three-story lobby serves as the public entrance to the courthouse, with an interior reflecting pool separating secure and non-secure areas. A landscaped public plaza also features reflecting pools and occupies an acre on the south side of the building.


Quick Facts

  • 23 stories
  • Two levels of underground parking
  • $179M
  • General Services Administration (GSA) national 2004 Building Excellence award
  • AGC of Washington’s Grand Award for Construction Excellence
  • High security facility with intrusion detection system
  • NBBJ Architects