SPU Alexander Hall

Seattle, WA

Seattle Pacific University’s Alexander Hall project was a renovation and seismic improvement of an existing, four-story building. The date of its original construction is 1891-93, and it has been nominated as a historic landmark. As a result of the landmark status, the exterior of the building and the grounds in a ten-foot area around the building could not be altered. The original structure consisted of a load-bearing, non-reinforced, brick masonry shell and an independent interior platform frame structure of wood joists and perimeter stud walls. Absher installed brace frames in north-south and east-west directions, which were placed on new concrete foundations. The north-south brace frames attached directly to the masonry, and the east-west frames were attached to the wood structure. Absher also installed a new elevator, VRF mechanical system, electrical system and emergency generator.

Quick Facts

  • $4,213,102
  • 11,342 SF
  • New 675-student school on a wooded, 21-acre site.
  • Owner: Seattle Pacific University
  • Architect: MAS Architecture


  • Seattle Pacific University