Sound Transit’s Northgate Station

Seattle, WA

This $178.8M N160 Northgate Station project is an elevated structure, guideway and garage for light rail extension through Sound Transit. The N160 project includes the construction of the Northgate Station, the elevated guideway, an intermodal transit facility, a 455 stall parking garage, architectural finishes at the Maple Leaf Portal, site improvements for two TPPS’s (Traction Power Sub Station) and two signal bungalows including screening, stormwater management systems, site restoration and improvements including potential bus layover facility, and related street improvements.

Email to Sound Transit from a transit customer:

12/4/18: (From a customer)

“Hi there, I park at Northgate most days of the week and commute into downtown. I just wanted to write a quick note of gratitude as all throughout construction, road shifts, closures, etc. the general contractor traffic management has been excellent. They have thoughtfully anticipated traffic needs and my commute has rarely been impacted. I just wanted to say thank you and well done. Very impressive.”

Quick Facts

  • 455-stall parking garage
  • Elevated guideway
  • $174M


  • Sound Transit