Monroe Correctional Facility

Monroe, WA

The Monroe Correctional Complex’s Intensive Management and Segregation Units each provide 100 high-security cells. Both are identical in design and configured to provide views to each cell door from the central guard station. The facility was constructed immediately adjacent to the existing prison walls, and required occasional staff exposure to the high-security area and its inmates. A 450-foot utilities tunnel connects the new facility with the existing prison. State-of-the-art security features include microwave and taut-wire motion detectors. Perimeter fencing included a four-feet-deep concrete barrier below ground level. A key feature of the project is the 450,000-gallon rainwater collection/storage system which provides gray water for the entire facility.

Quick Facts

  • 80,000 SF; two levels
  • LEED Silver
  • Construction on an operational correctional facility
  • Pre-cast and cast-in-place concrete; concrete masonry; structural steel; metal decking.