Register for AGC of Washington’s Culture of CARE Forum!

Register today for the AGC of Washington’s Culture of CARE Fall Forum, October 28th. Curt Gimmestad, Henry G. Nutt III and other guests will share the importance of Culture of CARE and the role diversity and inclusion plays in success of the industry.,BB4jlU-Ts0uN5LDtVvRwew,7RLTUwHl7U-UpJiiZFxMSw,w8Ekx3c68UKKM1FmWRvBRw,R9nBnHkoO0-SGQleKSvNxQ,gWb72OxehUm-n_flAddUsQ?mode=read&tenantId=937f7e2a-1610-4a03-9194-71aa6551953d&skipauthstrap=1