Tacoma Rescue Mission

Tacoma, WA

The new 10,335 SF rescue mission will house 50 women on a regular basis, with the potential to accommodate up to 120. The facility was previously a 7,000 SF storage facility. We added a second floor that will include Tacoma Rescue Mission’s (TRM) new offices. The first floor will contain two separate dorms for women, restrooms, and a maintenance area. Prior to this location, if a couple came to the mission for housing, they could only accommodate the man, and would have to turn the woman away. Now, both can stay (but in separate facilities). TRM will be receiving a $1.6M donation from the City of Tacoma for the project. The value of the project is $3,777,800.

Quick Facts

  • 10,335 SF
  • $3,777,800
  • Potential to Accommodate up to 120 Women