Scott and Sis Names Family YMCA

Tacoma, WA

The project is currently designed thought 80% CD Documents. 90% CD Documents were on scheduled to be completed in mid-April. Site development permit and building permit have been applied for and 1st round of comments have come back. Through a series of coordination meetings, VE evaluations and competitive sub participation we were able to bring the project back in line with the Y’s budget. On March 9th we completed our GMP estimate and submitted to the YMCA for review and approval by the board on March 17th. The board was happy with the budget but decided to put the project on hold until the Spring of 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Right now the Y is changing direction and is focusing on how they can help in this current crisis by providing child care to essential workers and providing meals. Depending on the length of the Y’s shutdown, and the financial impacts they will have, will determine when they Y will reengage the project.

Quick Facts

New Construction
Occupied Site/Facility
LEED Silver Goal


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