With an eye towards sustainability and resource efficiency, the Elson S. Floyd Cultural Center achieved a LEED gold-rating.

Circle Gets the Square

The vision was to create something whole. Unique. Organic. Earthy and flowing. But then we needed to build that vision with geometric, rigid materials. It needed to evoke movement but be sturdy and everlasting. It needed to be devoid of right angles but made with materials that were made of right angles. We knew what it would become, but we needed to make it happen. And so the project became one of our most complex to date. We did it with our expertise, our technology and our team. We chose our woods exactingly – including Oregonian cedar for the enveloping roof. We used 3D models to visualize, plan and execute. And we had a team of masterful thinkers and doers that made this dream come alive.

From Intern to Engineer

Sebatian Kalilikane is a proud Asian American/Pacific Islander Washington State University Alum who graduated from WSU in May of 2017 with his Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management. Throughout his time at WSU, he was an active member of the multicultural community. As an undergraduate, he served as one of the many students involved with the programming of the Elson S Floyd Cultural Center in its beginning stages. Inspired by the project’s celebration of inclusivity and Pacific Northwest heritages, Sebatian reached out to our project team and earned the opportunity to intern for the project. Inspired by the partnership and interdisciplinary knowledge of our team, Sebatian joined us full-time after graduation and is now a Project Engineer.