Update on Federal Vaccine Mandates


As you likely saw on the news, new federal mandates designed to address the spread of COVID-19 were released last week. We’ve reviewed all the guidance that has been released thus far and will be monitoring for additional guidance. The effective dates, the projects covered, the breadth of the employee base that is covered, and the details about how to administer the mandates, are not yet known. We will be updating all of you as we learn more about what is required. 

At this time, however, it appears that as a federal contractor and as an employer of more than 100, the new mandates will apply to Absher. If so, it is likely that for some employees proof of vaccination will be required, and that for all others either proof of vaccination or weekly testing will be required. But, as we’ve said, until more details are released we cannot be sure of the impacts to Absher.

Nothing announced yesterday impacts the previously issued State vaccine mandate for occupied educational, health care and childcare facilities that is effective as of October 18th.

As you all know, one of Absher’s core values is “we care about people”. We care about our employees– all of them. There is overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe and effective. Absher strongly encourages anyone who can get vaccinated to do so. 

Thank you for your patience and resilience as we navigate the frequency and scope of these new mandates. We will update you as soon as we know more.”

-Jeff and Dan.