Absher’s Grassroots Philanthropy Program

Giving back to your community through charitable actions and philanthropy can have numerous benefits, not only for the recipient, but also for the givers themselves.  Here are some reasons why giving in your community is considered beneficial!

1.  Giving to charity makes you feel good – Giving can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing you have had a positive impact on others.

2.  Giving to charity strengthens personal values- Engaging in philanthropy allows people to align their actions with their core values.

3.  Giving to charity builds and strengthens communities – You are contributing to your community’s growth and well-being.

4.  Giving is great for team-building- Participating in activities can foster a sense of camaraderie among employees.

5.  Giving is good for mental health – Giving has been linked to improved mental health. It can reduce stress and increase feelings of happiness. 

There is no better time than to give right now and what better way than to participate in our Grassroots Philanthropy Program!

If you have a charity or event that you would like Absher to sponsor we are committed to donating a total of $2000.00 for our grassroots sponsorships for the year 2023 and we still have plenty of funds left! 

These type of sponsorships can be monetary funds, in-kind donations and volunteer support. To be considered the request must :

  1. Serve the greater community
  2. Reflect Absher values

Employees can submit a philanthropy request form ( See attached ) to the review committee for the opportunity to receive Absher sponsored funds and employee participation, based on eligibility of your event.

Please send all your requests to Absher4Action@absherco.com or call Alysa Weidinger at 253-446-3542.