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Highpoint Redevelopment

Seattle, WA


The High Point project included 344 residential units in a variety of multi-plex configurations, along with a 36-unit apartment complex, senior housing and a healthcare center. The redevelopment also included complete site infrastructure of 65 acres including complete demolition of existing 1940s-era low-income housing structures.

Quick Facts

  • Built Green Three Star Standard
  • 2007 Built Green Green Hammer award winner
  • Breathe-Easy Home Initiative
  • Built Adjacent to Longfellow Creek (contains highest Salmon count in Seattle) which required creativity and vigilance for our installed TESC systems
  • award-winning natural water-drainage system that provides a bio-swale treatment/filtration system and the extensive use of porous concrete and other infiltration water-management techniques
  • Utilized the GC/CM process
  • Absher set and attained its goal of utilizing 40% MWBE firms
  • Apprenticeship goals/utilization Goal: 15%; Achieved: 38%
  • Phased occupancy of blocks allowed tenants to occupy the buildings prior to the project completion