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The Old Spaghetti Factory

Tacoma, WA


Absher constructed a tenant improvement for the Old Spaghetti Factory in preparation for its move into Pacific Plaza, which Absher built in 2009. The space was converted to the beloved restaurant from its former use as a grocery store. Construction included HVAC and electrical upgrades, as well as installation of a grease interceptor under the Pacific Avenue sidewalk to accommodate a commercial kitchen. Other aspects included installation of new partitions, a bar, acoustical ceiling and flooring, and replacement of the existing entrance concrete with a new landing and ramp for ADA access. New replica doors were installed to give the look and feel of an older building. Absher also provided new ingress/egress access at the back of the facility to meet fire safety code. Absher moved the iconic trolley seating/table feature from the OSF’s former location on Jefferson to the new Pacific Avenue location. Absher re-installed numerous unique chandeliers and lighting fixtures that are an OSF signature.

Quick Facts

  • New Partitions
  • HVAC and Electrical Upgrades
  • Grease Interceptor Installation
  • Chandelier Installation
  • Ingress/Egress Access Updates

Old Spaghetti Factory, Tacoma – Trolley Move from AbsherCo on Vimeo.