Value Engineering

Absher has extensive experience leading the Value Engineering (VE) efforts in preconstruction and has three SAVE International certified Value Engineering specialists on staff.

Formal VE: A team approach is fundamental to the value-engineering process. Absher believes that VE should be a continual process throughout the planning, design and construction phases. However, one way to kick start the continuous process is through formal VE workshops. In addition to Absher’s professional staff, our VE workshops include designers of record in each major discipline, user groups, administrators, operations and maintenance personnel, and an executive who can authorize the implementation of VE suggestions. We encourage discussion among participants in order to stimulate new or different ways of approaching a design solution while still maintaining overall project function and intent.

Continuous (Informal) VE: Absher’s VE efforts are continuous, and don’t end after a formal VE workshop. We continue to solicit and suggest value-engineering ideas throughout the entire preconstruction phase and all throughout construction duration, to be sensitive to any areas in which value can be optimized. Continuous value engineering helps our teams keep projects within budget and offer a steady flow of ideas and alternatives back to the design team and owners for consideration.

In the VE process, we

  • analyze divisions of work through various techniques and materials
  • review materials used;
  • address method substitutions;
  • perform schedule and life-cycle analysis;
  • research product substitutions; and
  • account for aesthetic considerations.